Locker Rooms & Sports Shop


5th Floor

On the fifth floor stands a statue of the Roman god Mercury. Of course, being 17 feet tall, he reaches clear through to the sixth floor, where you’ll find the men’s and women’s lockers. His winged sandals, an ancient symbol of athleticism and an age-old symbol of the LAAC, give you good luck (or so the rumor goes) as you pass by on your way upstairs.

But before you get to the actual lockers, be sure to stop at the luxurious lounge area, where you can watch TV, play games, or chat with friends. Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms were redesigned during our recent renovations, giving them a look that we call “updated historic,” where modern design elements in things like the lighting and tile work compliment the many vintage touches to the décor.

The women’s side has a soundproofed quiet room featuring wide reclining lounge chairs, heated blankets, and relaxing music. With a soothing sauna, therapeutic steam room, and roiling whirlpool, you can enjoy dry, steamy, or bubbly heat treatments. Get ready before and after a workout with stylish wooden lockers, plenty of seating and supplies for doing hair and makeup, and spacious showers in hues of shimmering blue.

The men’s side features sleek metal lockers, a shoeshine area, and fascinating memorabilia. Relieve muscle tension and increase circulation by stepping into the sauna—like a heating pad for your entire body—or sit back and relax in the steam room as you open up your breathing and pores. Enjoy the spacious shower and vanity areas, comfy chaise lounges, roomy hot tub, and many other relaxation invitations.

After lounging in the locker rooms, greet Mercury as you head back down to his winged feet on the fifth floor. There you’ll find the Mercury Sports Shop, where you can book training sessions or spa treatments and purchase some cool athletic apparel to wear on your next visit.

Locker Rooms Etiquette

  • Be courteous to everyone
  • Don’t be inappropriate
  • Use a locker to secure all belongings
  • LAAC cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Daily lockers are cleaned nightly
  • Lost items are only held 7 days
  • No phone calls in the locker room
  • No electronic devices
  • No shaving in the sauna, steam room, or spa area
  • Shower before using Jacuzzi, Cold Plunge, or Pool
  • Dry off entirely before moving around public areas
  • Remain properly covered while in public areas
  • Wear shower sandals or flip-flops in the locker room
  • Place used towels in the designated bins
  • LAAC prohibits any threatening, profane, lewd, or inappropriate language. Please report any such behaviors to a staff member as soon as possible.


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