Eat & Drink

Providing elegant, tasteful surroundings for enjoying superior food and wine in our Trophy Room.

The Trophy Room is one of our newest additions. There, our Executive Chef offers a choice of either a five- or an eight-course menu, each featuring specially selected wines presented by an expert sommelier.

The 1,000-bottle, walnut-constructed wine cellar is temperature controlled at 55 degrees. The Cellar Club, meets here to enjoy wine tastings and to remark on the room’s “sweet, woodsy taste hinting of tanned leather and polished brass.”

Make the Trophy Room your own by storing your personal wine collection here. Located on the third floor, the Trophy Room offers a stately, personal setting to share a private dinner with friends or business associates. Make a reservation, and make yourself at home amid the impressive display of honors and awards that gives the Trophy Room its aesthetic appearance and proud name.

Hours & Info:

Available during Invention hours for a room rental fee of $450; no fee for Cellar Club Members