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The Blue Room, the center of community for Los Angeles’ best and brightest

When LAAC opened in its current location at 7th and Olive Streets in 1912, one of its crowning features was the exclusive fourth floor Blue Room. A center of community for Los Angeles’ best and brightest, the Blue Room was a catalyst for the friendships, alliances, and business ventures that helped shape the city’s history.

In 2015, LAAC relaunched this historic space with our partners Timothy Oulton and Macallan. The Blue Room design incorporates furnishings from the Timothy Oulton Gentlemen Fireside Cigar & Sports Club and Oxford furniture collections. Handcrafted crystal chandeliers, vintage sporting equipment, historic LAAC athletic photos, and antique lockers create an authentic look and feel that honors LAAC’s heritage.

Hours & Info:

Open to all members during club operating hours.