Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art, practiced by millions of people around the world to improve and maintain good health.

This meditative exercise characterized by slow, even, continuous circular movements. When practiced mindfully, the body will reach a relaxed state, the flow of inner energy known as “chi” is enhanced throughout the body. Chi gives us our vitality and allows us to be energized. The feeling of chi and inner strength is increased through regular practice.

Tai Chi improves concentration, focus, balance, flexibility, mental and physical awareness, reduces stress, and relaxes the mind and body which can help lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Tai Chi can also be practiced as self-defense. The slow, gentle movements are suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

Improved concentration and balance
Reduced stress, which will may provide the additional benefit of lower blood pressure
Strengthened bones, muscles, and joints
Increased flexibility and energy level
Relaxes the mind and body

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Monthly | $50
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Days | Saturdays
Time | 8:30-10am