The Cycling Studio
Our Cycling Studio features our exclusive surround sound and Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG E-Series cycles. We designed our Cycling Studio to immerse you into a high-energy, pulse-quickening experience of light and sound.

When you workout in our Cycling Studio, the synergistic energy of the riders, instructors will motivate you to push yourself to new levels of performance. Our X-Cycling classes are for our “Type-A”, competitive personalities looking to challenge themselves and gain that competitive edge that can only be earned through hard work and sweat (plenty of it!). Our Roads of the World classes are designed to build your aerobic base and maximize your fat burning.

Please join us for these great, low-impact, calorie-busting workouts. It’ll be the fastest 50 minutes of your day. And did we mention the 500-800 calories you’ll burn?

For more information contact Stephen Howell at 213-625-2211 ext. 3476 or