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The opening kicks off 140-day celebration for the historic club’s 140th anniversary.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 10, 2020) – In celebration of its 140th anniversary, Los Angeles Athletic Club opened 26,000 square feet of athletic space with the creation of Hercules Beach and Studio Luna, outdoor spaces located on the rooftop of the club’s parking structure and clubhouse, respectively. The opening of these open-air venues kicks off a 140-day celebration for the LAAC’s founding in 1880.

Hercules Beach and Studio Luna are a nod to three of the Club’s earliest presidents whose zeal for amateur sports provided the inspiration for the modern LAAC. The LA Times in 1891 captured this spirit while predicting the importance of outdoor exercise, “A visit to the athletic clubs of this city will convince anyone that a superior (athlete) is being developed here, and outdoor exercise in the finest climate under the sun is doing it.”

Included in the club’s winged foot logo, Mercury, the Roman god of speed, has been a prominent figure throughout LAAC’s history. The use of Hercules and Luna, the gods of thunder and moon, respectively, continues LAAC’s symbolism with Roman gods.

Hercules Beach, located on the rooftop of the LAAC parking garage and modeled after the muscle beach gyms made famous in West LA, is a 20,000 square foot protected open-air gym and group exercise class venue combined with food and drink service in the beach bar for post-workout relaxation featuring a DJ and sound stage. The area also features a space dedicated to grooming featuring vintage barbershop chairs for haircuts, along with shoe shine and sneaker service from one of the city’s most beloved shoeshiner, Marco. The fitness equipment includes traditional free weights and cardio machines, cross fit stations, power sleds, monster tires with sledge hammers, and a basketball hoop. Group exercise classes are also scheduled early morning and evening for members to enjoy.

A signature piece of Hercules Beach is the new beach bar. The bar will serve cocktails and food in a relaxed beach atmosphere. LAAC has partnered with King’s Hawaiian to collaborate on special menu items featuring their Hawaiian sweet bread.

Studio Luna is a 6,000 square foot studio space for Mind/Body classes including Yoga, Mat Pilates and Meditation. Located on the rooftop of the LAAC’s 12-story clubhouse, this amazing outdoor area features downtown skyline views and a nice cooling breeze.

Both Hercules Beach and Studio Luna will be open Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Follow #LAAC140 for more information regarding the Los Angeles Athletic Club’s 140th anniversary celebration. The 140-day celebration will continue through the end of January 2021.


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LAAC announced that it has entered into a partnership with Safe Companies

Safe Companies team initial service will be a Deep Cleaning of club facilities scheduled to reopen. The Deep Cleaning process utilizes specific tools, chemicals, and techniques that suit the surface or area. Once the Deep Cleaning has been performed and organic soil has been removed Safe Companies will apply an EPA registered disinfectant to kill or destroy infectious, or harmful organisms. In addition to the disinfectant, an antimicrobial barrier will be applied to protect surfaces by killing and inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. ATP Testing Once the Decontamination Process has been completed ATP microorganism testing is performed at various high touch point locations throughout the facility to verify and confirm that the decontamination steps have been executed. ATP testing, a proven method of measuring contaminates, has traditionally been used in hospital & food service facilities as a method of ensuring the effectiveness of their facilities’ sanitation efforts. Each ATP test provides our team with instant measured and recordable outcomes of the decontamination process.

The sustainable sanitization/disinfection protocols designed and implemented by Safe Companies adhere to the most recent information available from the CDC and OSHA. The “Defendable Plan” of testing, documentation, and reporting equip LAAC with measurable proof of cleaning.

To supplement and assist LAAC’s cleaning staff, Safe Companies will provide professional skilled technicians to clean & disinfect on a nightly basis 6 days a week.

Technicians will be onsite working the night shift from 10 pm to 7 am. Technicians will vacuum all club level floors before applying a disinfectant. Hotel level floors and common areas will be vacuumed and maintained by LAAC housekeeping staff.

Safe Companies will perform nightly disinfection, with an EPA registered disinfectant to kill or destroy infectious, or harmful organisms. The disinfectant will be applied to high, medium, and low touchpoint surfaces according to approved disinfecting protocols. Facility areas, such as un-occupied hotel rooms or other club areas with zero occupancy will be disinfected on a per-use basis. Nightly Disinfecting services will be provided 6 days a week.

Each month, Safe Companies will prepare a Certified Verification Report (CVS) that documents all cleaning and disinfecting protocols implemented, product safety data sheets (SDS), employee training and certification, personal protective equipment (PPE) used, photo documentation, and ATP testing outcomes that identify the ATP levels achieved after the disinfection protocols have been completed

Safe Companies will provide EPA approved cleaning products for use in, kitchen, bar, and food service areas. In addition, Safe Companies will provide HEPA Backpack Vacuums and mechanical sanitizing units that will be used as a part of the cleaning and sanitizing protocol.

To maintain a high level of sustainability, Safe Companies will develop, train, and assist with the implementation of the “sanitization protocol.” Our team of instructors will remain onsite 4 days a week for 2 weeks to both instruct and provide QA/QC to ensure that cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting protocols are achieved. The instructors will work hand in hand with LAAC housekeeping and janitorial staff to provide site-specific instruction of standard operating procedures (SOP).”




The city’s first club is offering a strikingly contemporary approach to health, with the completion of a $10M renovation.

The Los Angeles Athletic Club has been operating out of its building at the corner of 7th and Olive Streets in DTLA since 1912. Designed by renowned LA architects John Parkinson and George Bergstrom, The Beaux-Arts style structure was the first on the West Coast to have a pool (nicknamed “The Plunge”) above the ground floor. From its outset, the Club was far more than a gym; it was a place where men and women came together to celebrate theatrics, poetry, and the ethos of sound mind in a sound body.
In July, 2019, the Club unveiled an extensive slate of advanced wellness offerings. The multi-million dollar renovation of the Club’s 6th floor includes the state-of-the-art NEPTUNE SPA and the health-oriented juice bar and poolside restaurant, PLUNGE CAFE.

Open to Club members and Hotel guests, Neptune Spa builds on the Club’s recently-renovated locker rooms’ saunas, steam rooms, and whirlpools by offering private suites for massage, body treatments, and facials with expert therapists, as well as an ultramodern Himalayan Salt Suite.

Also in-house is a full-service barbershop and nail salon. Whether a guest is looking for a hot shave before a big meeting or blowouts for their wedding party, the new 6th floor has them covered. If members want to treat themselves after a workout, they can stop by for a whiskey in the barbershop’s speakeasy.

On the same floor, Plunge Cafe marks a return to 1912, when the Club’s original poolside Cafe first opened. The 2019 version is based on historic photographs but provides a distinctly modern menu of fresh juices, smoothies, sandwiches, and salads. The menu also includes elegant pastries and an extensive La Colombe coffee program, as well as wine, beer, and Pimm’s cup on tap.

About the Club’s new offerings, Assistant General Manager, Cory Hathaway, says:
“As the LAAC’s motto states, we are ‘devoted to the lifelong pursuit of health giving amusements.’ With Neptune Spa and Plunge Cafe we aim to reimagine and expand upon the Club’s approach to wellness. Neptune Spa takes inspiration from the LAAC’s historic sister clubs along the California Coast – providing treatments that incorporate healing minerals from the ocean. The combination of our world class athletic facilities, three restaurants, social-gathering and co-working spaces, and now the new 6th floor add up to a vibrant urban retreat in the heart of DLTA’s Historic Core neighborhood. We’re excited to share these expansive offerings with our members and guests.”

ABOUT THE HIMALAYAN SALT SUITE: 100% pure Himalayan crystal salt is considered one of the most beneficial minerals on earth. The Himalayan Salt Suite is a place to relax and recover. The Suite is particularly recommended to support respiratory health and improve circulation – excellent for athletes and those with serious allergies. The salt also lightly exfoliates the skin, relieves anxiety, and prevents muscle cramps. The Suite is available by appointment, as well as for private yoga sessions or meditation.



Join us in Invention to try the new cocktail list featuring 12 seasonal, classic and modern cocktail.

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The Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC), the City’s first private club, announces the completion of phase two of its highly-anticipated $10 million-dollar renovation. The Club is set to appeal to a new wave of downtown denizens by merging its rich history with a contemporary new look. On May 15, LAAC unveiled their world-class women’s locker rooms.  LAAC is also debuting five new meeting rooms on the fourth floor by renowned interior designer Tracy Beckmann.

The project represents a major upgrade in the club’s 138-year history and focuses on the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of the 12-story building, which encompasses athletic, social, and meeting spaces, along with three floors of hotel rooms. By year’s end, the club will be ready to unveil the final round of renovations to the sixth floor, including a unisex spa area and treatment rooms with a multi-purpose salt room that offers yoga, meditation and halo therapy. There will also be a barber shop, nail salon and the historic poolside lounge and dining area re-imagined as the Plunge Cafe.